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Current Version 1.0.7

After 1.0.1, Rjb project page was moved to RubyForge.

  • put prefix 'rjb' before external symbol name.

since 1.0.1

  • support amd64 (server), thanks Rich.
  • add Array - nil conversion.

since 1.0.0

  • release gems

since 0.2.8

  • these corrections are contributed by Mr. Kuwashima, thanks.
  • wrap jni.h for long long <-> jlong conversion, for Cygwin user.
  • adjust javah generated header file name for JDK 5.0.
  • building with JDK 1.4 is obsoleted since this version.

since 0.2.7

  • support a method that takes an array of arrays.
  • support Intel Mac (patch contributed by Demetrius Nunes, thanks.

since 0.2.6

  • support a method that returns an array of arrays.
  • add tests for array of arrays, contributed by Darren Day. thanks.

since 0.2.5

  • fix object leak (test/gctest.rb runs fine now).

since 0.2.4

  • fix use null instead of empty string when String argument is nil.

since 0.2.3

  • fix test.rb failed while using Cygwin
  • convert returend Class instance to imported Object
  • Class#forName(String) is treated as Rjb::import
  • treat imported Object as Class instance when it appeares in Java method's arguments
Last modified:2007/09/15 08:12:35